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Say hi to, the 4.2″ open-source e-paper development board that’s perfect for hobbyists, makers, builders, and electronic enthusiasts. With its high battery life, fully hackable design, and wireless connectivity for WiFi and Bluetooth, makes it easy to build innovative projects.

Our two variants, Classic and Merlot, offer a monochrome and tricolor e-paper display, respectively, so you can choose the perfect display for your project. 

Plus, every device comes with a battery and enclosure, so you can start building right away. Join the community and start creating amazing projects!


Non-intrusive e-paper display

 With high-quality e-paper displays, devices allows for crisp and clear visuals 

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Stay always connected

FCC/CE certified WiFi & Bluetooth enabled seamless connectivity

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Open-source & customizable

Onboard CP2104 USB-UART converter so you can extend or build on top of it


Get alerts

Piezo buzzer for notifications

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Lasts long for months

With our low power design and 1900mAh battery, you can go months without charging; consumes <20uA in deep sleep


Save & store

MicroSD card slot for storing images, data, and much more


All the examples shown here can be found in the examples section of our docs

Classic vs Merlot

Colors4 level grayscaleBlack, White and Red
Display resolution400×300 px400×300 px
Screen size4.2 inch4.2 inch
Full update time~ 1 sec~ 17 sec
Partial update time~ 0.5 sec (Fast partial update)~ 17 sec (Slow partial update)
I/O expander address0x380x38
Deep sleep current (Timer Wakeup)16uA17uA
Deep sleep current (Button Wakeup)1.4mA1.4mA
Battery capacity1900mAh1900mAh
Enclosure colorBlack + WhiteWhite + Red
SD card trayYesYes
Type-C Charging/Programming portYesYes
Ideal Use CasesCalendar, To-Dos, Tracking, etc.Art display, Quotes generator, etc.

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What's in the box?

Both Classic and Merlot come with the respective E-paper Displays, Battery, and an Enclosure.

Is the battery detachable?

Yes, the battery is glued which can be removed or adjusted based on the enclosure fitting. 

Can I program devices myself?

Of course! is open source so you can program it in whatever way you want using micropython, Arduino, or ESP-IDF. You can visit to get started.

Does international shipping cover VATs/duties?

We have our shipping partner doing door-to-door deliveries. In most cases, you should not need to pay anything extra but it is subject to the international conditions at that time. In case there are any additional duties involved you will have to pay for them during delivery.

Do the examples in docs work on both Classic and Merlot?

Yes, all of the examples and codes in our docs work on Classic and Merlot devices.